You can’t buy happiness, but you can braai, thats kind of the same thing – unknown

26 year unchanged recipe


100% Beef Brisket

Free Range Beef roaming the Grasslands of Botswana and Namibia.

This meat is minced with Spices and Sauces, and filled into a delicate Lamb casing.

Our Boerewors contains only Omega 3 rich beef and pork fat. 

The ‘normal’ boerewors is made with offcuts, our Boerewors has no Trimmings and is free of Antibiotics, 

Free of Hormones, No fillers added, No MDM, No beef Hearts or other species.

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Dried Meats

beef biltong

Our Beef Biltong is cut from our Free Range Meat from Botswana, spiced and hung to mouth watering perfection


A blend of spices mixed with minced 100% beef brisket hung to create these long magnificent pieces of Droewors

bacon biltong

Slices of Bacon dried and spiced, one piece is never enough

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salami sticks

Kids and Adults alike love these salami sticks. 

always premium

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